National production

Those highlighted on the map below are the 12 members between cooperatives and farms (which make up a total of 82 producers) present on the national territory that constitute our BIOP.

These are companies and cooperatives that stand out for being certified organic producers – some now with a long history – or dedicated to integrated pest management in conventional agricolture.

Among them there is also the Cascina Pizzi which in Piedmont produces quality wines and organic courgettes and pumpkins.

Business Partners

Our organization also collaborates with commercial partners who also package our products and distribute them in specific markets in Europe: Alixbio for the organic and Frigoconservazione srl for the conventional.

Commercial office

Biop has a centralized commercial office that coordinates and promotes all the initiatives of the members. The markets served are Italian, European and non-European (South America, Africa, Middle East, Asia, USA). Logistic efficiency and customer focus are our values. Info: